Linear Blue can promote business productivity by developing custom iPad and iPhone solutions to perform specific tasks more efficiently. Increased employee productivity, cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction are among the benefits businesses are gaining with custom iOS solutions.

Custom iOS solutions differ significantly from consumer-facing apps. They are secure, data-driven, shared by workgroups and integrate with existing business systems and workflows- allowing your business to run optimally at all levels.

Linear Blue provides a complete custom platform to design, develop and deploy custom iOS solutions.

Positive gains from a Custom Linear Blue iOS Application.

Custom iPad ERP system designed by Linear Blue
  • Productivity – Greatly increase the amount of work accomplished by establishing mobile access to the same information you would at the office. Mobile users can gain 8 to 12 hours per week with mobile networking.

  • Response Time – Instant mobile access to essential business information provides a competitive advantage. Remote access makes it possible to do more business in less time.

  • Satisfaction – Keep your commitments to customers, follow up on special requests, and respond quickly to queries. Strengthen the relationship between you, staff, and clients.

  • Communication – Staying connected keeps everyone – staff, vendors, and customers – on the same page.

  • Carbon Footprint – Access data whenever you need it – eliminating travel to the office. Your vital business data can be viewed, customized, and retrieved on demand.

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