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Unlike packaged applications or programming tools, custom applications meet the unique needs of small and large teams, helping to transform their businesses. We can create a custom application using the FileMaker Pro Platform and make your own app even without extensive development experience or IT skills. It’s easy and affordable to get started — so you can immediately see the results.

Why FileMaker?

Millions of people in organisations around the world rely on the FileMaker Pro Platform to share customer information, manage projects, track assets, and more.

An Apple subsidiary, FileMaker has been used to meet the needs of organisations in a range of industries for over 30 years. Probably one of the best kept secrets in data solutions, very few applications can provide a rapid development platform for business applications as well as FileMaker.

Whether it’s building new, upgrading old, refining a current system, or integrating with mobile devices and the web, Linear Blue can help.

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Working With A FileMaker Consultant

With FileMaker Consultancy services from Linear Blue we can transform your organisation with a solution that is designed around your business processes. If you are currently using or considering a database solution that forces you to change your business processes, then FileMaker is the solution for you.

Working with a consultant
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