Centralize your Vital Data with a Custom Business Application

Linear Blue Custom Application Development solutions offer powerful tools to secure, access and share your vital business data in a modern, global economy.

Linear Blue works in partnership with our clients to design custom solutions – streamlining data capture and reporting capabilities. We have a structured and quality-driven approach to database design and development. Our robust and transparent project management methodology keeps the client informed and in control throughout the development process.

Our custom application development improves efficiency and provides a secure data structure for your business.

  • Needs Analysis – Linear Blue works closely with our clients using various analytical techniques to identify solution requirements.
  • System Design – Linear Blue produces a detailed design map of the database solution. This includes required components and technology specifications.
  • Build – The client-approved system design document guides the Linear Blue development process. Prototype testing during this stage informs final database design.
  • Test – Linear Blue presents the custom database system to the client for preliminary testing prior to formal acceptance.
  • Deploy – Linear Blue works with the client to determine the most appropriate method of database deployment.
  • Support – On-going database support and maintenance is ensured as Linear Blue continues to monitor your system.
Linear Blue Custom Software Solution Design Process

Harness your data today with a custom Linear Blue application

Reduce data entry tasks, remove duplication, improve data sharing and business processes.

With a Linear Blue custom application solution your business could benefit…

Increased Productivity
Reduced Inefficient Tasks




FileMaker is a Rapid Application Development environment designed to work across multiple platforms from Mac & Windows to iOS and the Web, whilst offering exceptional UI functionality and security.



MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. With its proven performance, reliability and ease-of-use, MySQL has become the leading database database choice for web-based applications.

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