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fmDataGuard is an easy to configure and use product for FileMaker Pro and Server 12 and above, that automatically records data changes to a separate log table and provides recovery features.

  • Works without any requirement for scripting or shadow fields and tables that can add dramatically to a system’s overhead and significantly diminish system performance.
  • Simple to set up by creating one field in each table and one setting per table per Privilege Set.
  • Creates a complete field-level audit log for all additions, changes, and deletions in any FileMaker Pro table.
  • Provides for roll-back of any one record or multiple records to any state in that record’s history.
  • Provides for roll-forward to reconcile last known good backup with current state of database since that backup. Eliminates the problem caused by loss of data changes since the last backup.
  • Supports adding custom events to the log to track user activities like login/logout, layout navigation or report generation
  • Works on hosted files in conjunction with FileMaker Server
  • Captures all methods of data modification, including Import, Replace Routines, xDBC and Instant/Custom Web Publishing.

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“fmDataGuard brings a high degree of functionality to our solutions for a fraction of what it would take us to develop or code it on our own.”

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