Project Description

Enterprise Resource Planning System

TOT Shirts produces more than 3 million items of custom branded clothing a year, either printed and embroidered and from hats to socks and everything in between.

The FileMaker based ERP system we created for TOT Shirts handles all their management information needs and controls every aspect of their sales, invoicing, production scheduling, order processing and warehouse operations.

Our latest work for TOT has been to deploy iPads running FileMaker Go to allow warehouse staff to perform stock control functions whilst walking around the warehouse, reducing their workload by simplifying procedures and cutting the company’s paper usage at the same time.

FileMaker Go is the product we have been waiting for since the launch of the iPad. That combined with Linear Blue’s ability to quickly respond to our requirements for a mobile solution within our warehouse has saved us time and money. Not only did they deliver a working solution within 2 weeks of FileMaker Go being launched, but they understood the way we needed our warehouse staff to work and delivered a unique interface that was both easy to use and quick to learn. For us, that’s a win-win situation. – Peter Joyce, Managing Director, TOT-Shirts Ltd

By utilising a FileMaker Go solution on their iPads, TOT-Shirts are now able to directly move stock from goods in straight to the production line. Previously this process involved receiving goods in and then booking them in manually, moving them to stores, allocating to a job, picking the goods and then sending them to production. Not only has the new FileMaker Go solution saved a significant amount of man hours, but has also helped TOT-Shirts cut down their carbon footprint by cutting their paper trail, for this process, to virtually zero.

This FileMaker Go iPad interface has enabled TOT-Shirts warehouse staff to have unprecedented access to live data on the system. This not only improves the flow of goods through the warehouse; but also ensures data integrity by allowing users direct control of stock levels and the ability to make adjustments whilst on the warehouse floor.