Project Description

Sales Order Processing, CRM and Website Content Management

Our work for The Natural Wood Floor Company, a seed-to-floor wood flooring company that sells direct to consumers and to trade customers, began with their internal database system, written in FileMaker Pro and used for sales order processing, quoting and stock control.

Sales Order Processing with RFID login

Over time the functionality of the system has been expanded upon and now runs even more aspects of the business, including the 24″ iMacs in the showroom that salespeople use to place orders, logging in with RFID fobs, as you’ve probably seen waiters do in restaurants. Our customisations went beyond the usual here – as well as integrating the RFID readers with the FileMaker system one of our developers modified off-the-shelf plastic boxes himself to keep the expensive hardware safe when bolted to the underside of the sales desk.

Feedback tracking

Due to the natural raw materials the flooring is made of there are sometimes imperfections in some pieces so the feedback tracking system we implemented any flawed pieces, identified in the warehouse or post-sale, can be traced back to the original batch and an inspection carried out, meaning any problem batches can be found and dealt with quickly.

Product catalogue published to the web

All the information about products, including images and pricing, are maintained within the FileMaker Pro system which exports the necessary data to a MySQL database.