Project Description

Management Information System

The resource management team of this leading UK cancer research charity approached us to help with a current project that had been started in-house. The internal team had begun to write a management solution and needed to extend it into an enterprise-wide solution for a variety of users across multiple levels of the organisation.

Linear Blue helped by analysing the current system and then delivering a development plan to move the project forward. We looked closely at the work that had been started and how we could collaborate with the internal development team in taking their solution to the next level.

Over a period of many months, our development team worked hand-in-hand with the internal staff at their Head Office. Confidentiality is paramount when working with our clients and because of this we cannot go into specific details of the development. However, Linear Blue were key in designing a unique touch screen interface for mobile users and in helping plan and develop the interface structure, making it easier for different types of users to work with the data and functionality relevant to their role.