Project Description

 ID Card System

Before Eurostar contacted us to work on streamlining their ID card procedures the process of creating an ID card for a member of staff and enabling access to the required areas required taking a picture in front of the correct coloured background for the level of access, producing the card and emailing the company responsible for maintaining the physical access control system at each site the staff member needed to access. Changes to access levels for a staff member were similarly convoluted.

ID Card creation streamlined

The workflow and system we developed started with enabling the photographs to be taken on a green-screen, chroma-keyed so one photo could be used and the background applied directly in the FileMaler database. This one change saved considerable time but pales in comparison to the time saved by the automation of updating, via SQL queries, the access levels at all required sites, as soon as the badge is created. The badges themselves are created directly from FileMaker using a dedicated card printer encoder and use several different templates depending on the category of staff the ID card is for.

Instant access level changes or revocation

When a staff member’s access privileges need to be changed or revoked the administrator simply alters the access levels in the database and these changes are reflected instantly in the physical access control systems.