Project Description

Members Only Content Management System

Chiswick Park is a modern business park development located in West London. From the outset its developers, Stanhope plc, wanted to create a very different kind of place to work. The original marketing campaign for the project was called Enjoy Work.

The Chiswick Park intranet concept was originally proposed by the HD Group. As the advisors to Stanhope plc, their role was to work as designers and advisors on the system content, use of branding and the interface look and feel. Due to our level of technical ability and experience in developing interactive websites HD Group chose Linear Blue to develop the intranet system.

By employing tools such as FileMaker and web middleware we were able to rapidly build a seamless intranet and integrated content management system for the Park.

All content is produced and maintained by the estate management staff. The interface is intuitive, requires no technical knowledge and allows the user to update the intranet instantly.

The Chiswick Park Intranet is accessed by thousands of tenants every day, providing them with relevant news, special offers and other useful information. It has become so successful that it is now one of the major selling points of the business park.