Project Description

Student Management System

Linear Blue have been working with The Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street, for many years, developing a solution that matches their unusual circumstances around providing education for pupils who are in hospital. The majority of off the shelf products did not facilitate the flexibility that is required by a hospital school. Most schools have pupils in attendance for a year, or at the bare minimum a term. The Great Ormond Street Hospital School can enrol a pupil for a single lesson on a single day, multiple lessons on a day, multiple lessons over multiple days/weeks. It is a rare event where a pupil attends for a whole term and even less likely they would attend for an entire year. We were requested to write a management solution that had the facility to tracks all pupils, to comply with the Local Education Authorities requirements, with the ability to keep a record of the work an individual pupil has carried out, even if he only attends 1 lesson during his stay in hospital.

The Hospital School’s long standing relationship with Linear Blue has meant that we have been able to work together to design and develop a highly bespoke database system that meets the specific needs of a busy school within a hospital environment. The impact of the database on teaching and learning and the monitoring of pupil progress was recognised in the School’s recent Ofsted inspection and in a report from the Department of Education.

John Sosna, Assistant Head Teacher for ICT and eLearning, Great Ormond Street Hospital School


The very nature of the school is set up to take care of the educational needs of its pupils no matter how long they are in attendance. Unfortunately for the school this means they have to have a management and reporting tool that tracks not only attendance, but subject matter and has a powerful reporting tool that can meet the exacting requirements of the Local Education Authority to facilitate the appropriate funding to the school. The reporting tool also enables the school to keep the parents of the pupils up to date, with the work the children have been doing along with grades and attendance records. This system is now available as a product from Linear Blue, for Mac, PC and iPad – Please visit the KeyPupil : for Hospitals web site for more information.

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