Linear Blue

Linear Blue was founded in April 2000 as a cross-platform consulting company, specializing in custom software development of desktop, web applications and iOS tablet solutions. To ensure the support of this development we also provide web design services, hosting and infrastructure management.

With over 15 years experience in producing high-end solutions, we can provide systems that maximize efficiency for all aspects of your business.

Linear Blue’s core technologies are FileMaker, FileMaker Go, MySQL and PHP. These technologies will enable us to future proof a fully flexible Business Information System for office and remote based workers.

Linear Blue has been built with the ethos of investment and development of our people. Which has given Linear Blue an exceptional development team, that are not only some of the best developers in the world, but are backed up and supported by qualified project managers, account managers, and support staff, all with the aim of providing great solutions for our clients.

Expanding from our offices in the UK we opened our San Francisco office in 2012 and Hong Kong in 2014, giving Linear Blue the ability to offer support to it’s global customers through every time zone.


  • Founded 2000 in London
  • FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Members since 2000
  • Offices in:
    • Berkshire and London, UK
    • San Francisco, USA
    • Hong Kong
  • Over a thousand Custom Systems Built
    Core Technologies Include:
  • FileMaker Pro and Go
    • MySQL
    • PHP
    • Java and JavaScript
FileMaker 16 Certification


Knowing the developer that’s working on your solution is fully certified offers piece of mind.
At Linear Blue, all our senior developers are fully certified in their core technology.

FileMaker Business Alliance

Linear Blue is a proud Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA). We work closely with FileMaker in a range of events and we are active members of the development community.

FileMaker Consultancy - FBA Platinum Partner