Highlights of FileMaker 19

  • Improved speed
  • JavaScript
  • Core Machine Learning
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Drag and Drop add ons (Kanban boards, photo galleries, barcode generators)
  • FileMaker Server coming to the Linux OS platform

What does this mean to your business

We are going to look at some of the new features that are potential game changers in the way you utilise your FileMaker App in your business.

Claris FileMaker are looking to the future to drive innovation, flexibility and performance. one key area is speed improvements which is always a key feature of all new releases.

The FileMaker platform gets faster with each new version form improvements in the calculation engines, scripting performance as well as server performance are all key elects that FileMaker focus on for any new release.

Taking things further

  • JavaScript integration has now been incorporated directly into the web viewer in  FileMaker – This means it will be easier and quicker to build advanced interface elements such as Calendars, charts and custom controls.
  • It allows for direct integration with 2 way communication from JavaScript and FileMaker allowing integration with web apps to be quicker and easier.
  • For Mac users it will now be possible to use Siri Voice controls to carry out specific functions within your FileMaker App, allowing you to carry out automations such as  searching for a records using a voice command or updating inventory record or starting a process.
  •   Bringing closer alignment and parity of FileMaker’s Desktop environment to Web Direct, with the ability to use Card Windows on the web.
  •  Introduction of Machine Learning is a new function from FileMaker, enabling you to load a Core ML Module opening up the ability to utilise Core ML modules to analyse images to auto recognise a specific features within an image.
  • New capability around Near Field Communication to allow you to control scanning Start and stop scanning for NFC tags 
  • Add Ons – ability to easily build, incorporate and share add on’s, making it faster and easier to develop features such as kanban boards, photo galleries, barcode generators.
  • Improved security through Claris ID to control if a user needs login each time they connect to a profile

Call Linear Blue for help migrating

With all the new features and functionality available, our team stand ready to help you move to the latest and greatest version of the Claris FileMaker 19 Platform