FileMaker Inc has rebranded back to Claris


A little bit of History

From small beginnings in 1987 Claris Inc came into being and the start of the journey began. FileMaker developed from a single flat file database, through its first release of Mac only software FileMaker II in 1988, and the start of its true evolution into a cross platform databases in 1992, Claris built on its core belief of Create, Solve and Share.

Throughout the next few years the team at Claris built new versions and released new features on the ever popular FileMaker Pro suite of software, with that ethos of Create, Solve and Share was and still to this day is the bedrock for the next generations of FileMaker Software.

The next step of its evolution occurred in 1998, when Claris morphed into FileMaker Inc and new ambitions and goals set to expand the product base in to a platform with a user centric approach remaining the core of its foundation.

The launch of FileMaker 7 released in 2004, was another game changer in the life of the FileMaker platform. A massive leap forward with the introduction of Multiple tables per file, multiple window, variables and the .fp7 file format. It took the multi file databases into a multi table database changing file size limitations from 2Gb to 1TB and beyond.

The launch of FileMaker Go for the iOS platform (2010) was yet another game changer for FileMaker Inc, although accessing your application via a web site had been available since FileMaker 4.1 (1999) being able to install FileMaker Go on your iOS device unshackled users from the desktop/laptop and opened up the ability to connect to your data anytime from anywhere.

The evolution of the FileMaker platform grew in strength and stature throughout the next 8 years, constantly striving to support users, developers, and the many many evangelists it has garnered over the years, whilst always remaining true to its initial roots of Create, Solve and Share.

The power of FileMaker Pro remains second to none, its constant growth of new features, new abilities to connect to other applications, and programming languages is unrivalled in the current market, FileMaker has led the way in connectivity and versatility since its inception.

The development of the FileMaker Platform will always have its routes in simplicity to Create, Solve and Share but the power to extend the platform in to areas beyond its initial concept has been at the heart of everything that Linear Blue develops. Taking the new features of each release, maximising new opportunities, and begin at the forefront of utilisation of plugins from the very early days of enhanced Dialog plugins through to Rest, JSON, oAuth the journey continues and constantly improves.

Each evolution delivers unrivalled compatibility, usability and scope to deliver the most powerful suite of application, quickly, efficiently and providing a real tangible cost benefit to users and businesses of all sizes.

The latest announcement of the next chapter of the FileMaker revolution has begun with its return back to its original root, rebranding back to Claris International Inc. Brad Freitag the New CEO has set bold new targets and standards for the next evolution of Claris FileMaker the Workplace Innovation Platform.

A bold new strategy of the acquisition of Stamplay which has been rebranded as Claris Connect. This new strategy instantly expands the capability of the FileMaker platform offering new services that will provide users and developers bold new opportunities to easily integrate with online services such as Box, DocuSign, MailChimp and others into our applications we design for our customers.

The revolution has gone full circle, but the future of Claris FileMaker the Workplace Innovation Platform has never looked bolder, brighter or stronger. The new drive to achieve bold new targets and the momentum it has generated can only mean a great future for Claris FileMaker, our Clients and for Linear Blue.

Please contact us to discuss what new opportunities are available for you and your business with FileMaker 18 and Linear Blue.