FileMaker 16 Launched

We’re super excited today to see the launch of the new version of the FileMaker platform.  Possibly one of the biggest feature launches in the last 4 years, FileMaker 16 brings an amazing set of functionality for both the end-user and the developer.

Over the coming months we’ll delve deeper into some of the features FileMaker 16 brings us, but today we just wanted to give you an overview of what those features are.


Create apps for iPad, iPhone, and the web that are sure to delight

  • Animations and transitions with scripts
  • Enhanced signature capture
  • Region-monitoring script
  • Custom paper sizes


Build powerful custom apps in less time

  • Layout Objects window
  • Cards
  • PDF support in FileMaker Server and FileMaker WebDirect
  • New FileMaker Pro interface on Windows OS
  • Copy and paste value lists
  • Variables in FileMaker data source references
  • Enhanced Data Viewer


Connect to other data sources and get even more from your FileMaker apps

  • Enhanced cURL options
  • JSON functions
  • External script steps

Trial Features

Get an early look at these new integration features:

  • FileMaker Data API
  • Tableau Web Data Connector for FileMaker


Get new tools to secure your custom apps

  • OAuth 2.0 support for accounts
  • Clickable security lock icons


Share data with even more users via a web browser

  • More User Connections in FileMaker WebDirect
Talk to our team of consultants to see how FileMaker 16 can enhance your business