On Thursday 13th February, Linear Blue were proud to host our latest event, ‘FileMaker 13 Showcase’, held in the Beatles room at Apple UK headquarters in Stockley Park. The event brought together valued clients and key employees from FileMaker International, to showcase the latest innovations of FileMaker 13.

Paul de Hallé, CEO and founder of Linear Blue, started off the showcase with an appropriately themed song for the occasion, Love Me Do, getting everyone in the mood to hear about Linear Blue’s passion for FileMaker 13.

Tony Speakman, Director of Northern Europe at FileMaker International, discussed the evolution of the FileMaker platform and how the latest features enable developers to build custom solutions for businesses that were not previously possible.

Tony also presented a video from a recent talk delivered to small and medium businesses that demonstrated how FileMaker 13 makes it possible to share data in real time on any device. This received a great response from those attending who said it will simplify their business processes.

Kieran Saunders, FileMaker’s Sales Engineering Manager, gave an insight into the new revolutionary features of FileMaker 13 including WebDirect and demonstrated barcode scanning with FileMaker Go to show how easy it is to send real time updates from an iPhone or iPad to a centralised database. Kieran pointed out that these features have enabled solutions to become more interactive for staff and customers.

One of our clients Healing Honey, demonstrated their groundbreaking product, and how a solution developed by Linear Blue allowed them to simplify clinical trial data capture.

Linear Blue developed a quick, easy-to-use FileMaker Go solution, to be deployed on iPad’s and used by health care professionals in the field. The solution was designed so the users could undertake a clinical trial study on the efficacy of SurgiHoney on wounds in some of the harshest environments.

The solution proved to be incredibly reliable, enabling real time recording of patient data along with photographic evidence to time line the effect of SurgiHoney on a variety of wounds in remote African hospitals. This data was then synchronised back to the UK as and when the health care professional was able to connect to the internet.

Healing Honey were then able to get the data back in a standardised, reliable format on a regular basis, enabling them to track the performance of the product as treatments were progressing.

DSC02043After our bellies were full of lunch and Valentines themed doughnuts, we enjoyed listening to Evolution Plants founder Tom Mitchell and the story of his transition from the banking industry to starting his own plant nursery. Or to put it in his own veritable style described the process as ‘Banker goes Bonkers and buy’s a nursery!’

Tom explained how Linear Blue were called in with 2 weeks to go, to the launch of his new website and FileMaker database system. The primary goal was to integrate the two disparately designed systems. Enabling content and product management information to be entered once but available in both systems.

Since then the site has been re-engineered with many new expanded features and capabilities, which also includes an e-commerce aspect taking payments in multiple currencies.

Paul rounded off the day with demonstrations of what FileMaker 13 can do to simplify your business showing real world examples of FileMaker Go, Web Direct and sync2api.

Linear Blue would like to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed and attended to making the occasion a great success.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please feel free to call us on 0845 521 0015 or alternatively you can email us at info@lb-inc.cloudmin.anu.net.